#ROW80 Goals

Okay.. measurable goals!

Here goes my list for Round of Words in 80 Days! 🙂

1) Continue to blog at least four times a week. 2x a week on one blog, 1x a week on the other two.

2) Write three pages/1,500 words a day on novel in progress.

3) Do not take a magnifying glass to work in progress. Just get the words down for now.

4) Continue to build author platform by reading other blogs and commenting (love this part!)

5) Walk in Tyler State Park 3x a week minimum. (meditation – thought process for writing)

6) Ride motorcycle to work three times a week (weather permitting)!



  1. I’m really excited about ROW80. I think it’ll keep me in line with my writing goals (i’ve had a tendency to wander off the path recently).

    • I am excited too! However, today was a bad day to meet any goals except one. My walking meditation in the park was very peaceful. I’ll be blogging about it shortly!

      Good luck with your goals, Sonia!

  2. Great goals. I probably need to set a few myself. My time is slipping away from me again.

  3. Great goals and best of luck to you this round. I’m thinking of revising mine, I hadn’t thought to include things like exercise, blogging and reading to the goal. I only thought of daily word count on the WIP but all the other things are important too and certainly things I need to do at the same time.

    • Hi Erin! Thanks so much for commenting. Best of luck to you as well. Ya know, I only had writing goals before, and I kinda burned myself out. So I am hoping mixing it up a bit will keep the fire fueled.

      Have a great day! 🙂


  4. Great goals. I like the idea of not taking a magnifier to rough draft. Just get the words out there. Have fun, enjoy. I think I need to get back into walking meditation. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. good luck on meeting your goals for this round!

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