I Need One Of Those Thingies – Ya Know… That Doo Dad Thingamajig

It has come to my attention (through running around like a mad woman and having twenty-nine pieces of paper in my purse) that I need one of those planner thingies.

I currently have a little notepad, blank index cards, post-it notes and pieces of ripped paper.   This method is not working!

“I know I wrote that down,” I say as I rummage through my larger than necessary purse, filled with lots of stuff I do not need.

These items include:

  • Kindle
  • wallet
  • cup of gum
  • hair band
  • hair spray (I never use it – why is it in there!)
  • notepad
  • 2 tubes of hand lotion
  • keys
  • 27 pieces of paper (I threw 2 away)
  • 3 highlighters
  • 7 multi-colored sharpies (those great pen ones)
  • my other much bigger wallet
  • the wonderful letter my daughter Sarah wrote me when she was about 17 years old
  • 2 tubes of lip gloss
  • change purse
  • bottle of fast release Tylenol
  • hand sanitizer (which I never use – and I rarely get sick)
  • dental floss
  • loose change
  • 4 lighters
  • 11 dollars in cash
  • 3 post-it notes
  • a pack of matches

Ok, I think that is it!  I need one of those little day planner thingies.. but not so much a calendar, but one to write other stuff down.  Maybe it has pockets or something for my little papers.

I also think I need to trade in my large (very pretty) Maize colored purse for a much smaller some other color purse.

What do you carry around with you?



  1. LOL – the contents of your purse sound like a symbolic representation of my life right now. Aaaargh! Defn need to assert some organization…I’ll write that down. On this sticky note that I will stick…on this stray piece of grocery receipt…that Im saving because its also got some essential phone numbers on it…of people Im supposed to call about these apptments Ive been meaning to make…about these other things Im going to do…aaaaargh

    Buzzzed to discover your blog via Twitter.
    Lani Wendt Young

  2. One of the exercises I did in a creative writing course I once did was write out the contents of the bag/handbag/pocket of the character I was creating. Am soooo tempted to write a story about you :). happy to have met you via twitter!
    Join me at the Rule of Three Writers’ Blogfest!

    • Hey there.. thank you so much for stopping by.. 😀 That sounds like a very interesting exercise!
      *blushing* a story? about me?
      Am heading over to the Rule of Three Writers’ Blogfest to check it out.

  3. April Denton says:

    I am in purse heaven right now! I love big purses with lots of stuff.

    I too need a personal organizer, mine would just be so I could feel important. 🙂

    • I wasn’t much into big purses until my sponsor accidentally spilled an entire cup of Starbucks coffee into my very modest black purse.

      She insisted she take me over to Marshall’s where I found the one in the picture. I argued with her about it. She loves big purses. Always has a different one. I lost the argument.. 😉

      lol! I think my wanting of a personal organizer may be for the same reason.. 🙂

  4. I downsized my purse so that I was limited to the amount of stuff I can actually carry around with me. Then, I had to upgrade to carry/fit my Nook. But, (amazingly) my clutter level has remained relavtively low.

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