ROWnd and ROWnd

For some reason the song “Round and Round” by Ratt popped in my head when I started this ROW80 post.   Hmm.. A potential 80’s blog post perhaps?

Anyway… this post comes very shortly after me signing up for this round of ROW 80.  Out of my goals, I have written my goal post for ROW 80 and I did read and comment on a lot of blogs!  😀

I have written about 200 words on my WIP. I am home tonight, so after a much-needed shower, I am going to sit down and aim for about 1,500 – 2,000 words on my WIP.

This weekend I’d like to take a trip down to the South Street area of Philadelphia.  South Street is one of the locations in my novel and I feel it would do me pounds of goodness to go there and really bask in the element of what South Street is like today.  I am not sure if on site research is par for the course for novel-writing.  However, I want to get the ambiance of what is like there now.  Not to mention I haven’t been down there in almost ten years and I’d love to see the new stores.  I am pretty sure the classic spot Zipperhead is gone. 😦

This weeks goals are simple:

  • 50-100 words a day on WIP.
  • read/comment blogs.
  • read a few chapters in Megan’s Way (which I have started – it is gripping!).
  • Write on chapter in the memoir piece.
  • Saturday I am going down to South Street!  I just decided.  🙂  I asked my daughter to go with me… so far, I got a big no.

Happy ROWing everyone!  See you all in a few days.



  1. Wow! Another Philadelphian? Or maybe you’re just close enough to visit South Street… Anyway, I love the on site research I think its the best so have fun! I’m also reading Megan’s Way so no spoilers on your blog, k? 🙂
    Keep that momentum going and I look forward to your Sunday update on your South Street adventure
    (BTW…I’m looking for a “ROWbro” (check my October posts for link) so if you’re interested let me know. Happy Writing!

    • Hello! I grew up in Philadelphia (lower northeast) and only moved up to Bucks County in 2006. Sometimes I miss Philly.. especially the ambiance of South Street and Delaware Avenue (I know it is Columbus Blvd now – but some habits I just cannot change). And the neighborhoods. There are no neighborhoods where I live. 😦

      Ok, ok.. no spoilers… 😉

      I am definitely going to go check out your blog and look into this “ROWbro” thingy. My interest is piqued!

      Happy writing to you as well..


  2. Nice weekly goals, the trip for research sounds like a great idea!

    One of my (two) works kind of in progress at the moment involves a poker player and I am planning several research trips to the local casinos. Probably the only way I will ever get to go there actually… 😛


  3. Good luck with Row80 and welcome aboard!! We’re having a party right now on the ROW80 hashtag – feel free to stop by. 🙂

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