NaNoWriMo – I Did It!

The fog has lifted from my brain as the end of November approaches.  Last night, I hit 50,000 words!  I exhaled for what seemed the first time since November 1st.  My family recognized me as I emerged from the piles of papers, mountains of coffee cups and countless energy bar wrappers.

I have to say, I freaked out when Thanksgiving approached.  My thought process went something like, “WHAT? THANKSGIVING?  But… I have to WRITE!”  Turns out Thanksgiving gave me just the break I needed.  I wrapped my WIP up yesterday at the Southampton, PA library with my NaNo pals.

We had a bit of a party!  We feasted on baked goods, ziti, fruit salad, lots and lots of cake and someone even brought a NaNoWriMo cake! I meant to take a picture of it, but forgot amidst the fun and food.  We did some word wars.  A word war is basically timed writing.  Alexis set the timer for thirty minutes and we all wrote non-stop.  When the bell chimed we would stop writing and then chirp off how many words we had written.  I am looking forward to reading a lot of the manuscripts that came out of my group alone.  I can only imagine how many wonderful ideas came from all the other groups around the world.

There are three days left!  I am wishing all my other NaNoWriMo pals and participants the best of luck.  YOU CAN DO IT!


  1. thedesertrocks says:

    Very cool Darlene! Congratulations!

  2. markrhunter says:


  3. Congratulations. Awesome Job!

  4. Congratulations!

    And, man, I need to get some of my friends in on NaNo next year so we can pull off a great party like you guys had! Stuff like that definitely makes a NaNo more memorable!

    Congrats again! Now I have to go and hurry and write the rest of my NaNo so I can do the celebration dance right with you!

  5. Joanna Aislinn says:

    Congrats on completing NaNoWriMo, Darlene! I am so excited for you and give you so much credit for having participated and pulled it off–amazing! Good luck with editing that baby once you’re ready. Maybe celebrate a little longer first, lol.

  6. Congratulations. Well done. xxx

  7. Whoop! Whoop! Congrats Darlene!

  8. Congratulations! 🙂 xx

  9. Congratulations Darlene!

  10. Congratulations!


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