The Woods – Flash Fiction

The distant waterfall seemed quieter as Charlie tugged on the rope. She had been in the woods for three days. Her tummy growled as she thought of cartoon characters that used to tie belts around their bellies as if somehow it would save them from hunger.
Something woke her up last night that sounded like a train whistle and a chimpanzee. It didn’t matter. This rope trick would get her food.
Satisfied with the knot, she ducked behind the tree and waited. The woods grew quiet. A kind of quiet that made her hum to make sure she could still hear.
And then it came from behind her. That awful chimpanzee being bludgeoned by a train whistle sound. Charlie dashed out of the trees toward her rope trap. She could climb to safety. Her hand slipped on the rope and she felt it wrap around her ankle before it whisked up the tree limb. It was too fast. The rope; that noise. That wicked sound came again as Charlie hung there. She wished she had brought her gun.


  1. flash fiction is superb, great imagination…

  2. Joanna Aislinn says:

    I loved the line about humming to be sure she could hear–brilliant!

  3. Wow, how fun is this? I’m glad I came over to see what you were up to! Now I want to know if Charlie knows the git in the woods behind her…lol!

  4. Great story, Darlene. I especially liked this sentence:

    “A kind of quiet that made her hum to make sure she could still hear.”

  5. Hahahaha!! Sounds like a female Don Quixote! 🙂

    Fun read.

  6. Wow! That sounds like a nightmare!
    Great imagination~

  7. Fun! Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

  8. showard76 says:

    Great story, flash fiction is fun! 😀


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