Flash Fiction Friday – Crawling

I came to the park to get away from stress.  Now here I lay, frozen on the mucky ground.  My brand new coat ripped and ruined.

Where the hell did that rock come from?  And who trips and falls on their back? Me.  That’s who. Well, at least the sky is blue.

Wait. What was that? Oh no.  I hear something in the brush next to me! I hope it is someone to help. Hello? can you hear me? I can’t move my legs.

No. No. No. Mr. Bear, please.  I just got this coat and it is so pretty! Don’t eat me.


  1. lol, I enjoy reading this piece…

  2. The poor little girl…great inner dialogue!

  3. Cute. Thanks for a much-needed smile!

  4. showard76 says:

    hahaha OMG I am just so wrong, am I not? I shouldn’t have found it funny should I? That poor woman about to be mauled by a bear in her pretty new coat and I’m laughing at her misfortune! ohh dear, I’m a cruel, cruel person! Sorry Darlene

  5. Oh, NO! A brand new coat… and blue skies. and bear, oh, my!

    So out of curiosity, Darlene, did you pick your own prompt, or get it from someone else? Because I love these see the sky through the trees shots…


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