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The Walking Dead

Welcome to the second installment of The Walking Dead Chow Down.  For the first installment click right here!

I spent Saturday with my redneck fireplace, oatmeal raisin cookies (with cinnamon chips) and the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. It’s amazing how we follow shows or read a book series, and while we remember what got us to the point we’re at, we forget a lot of the back story.

The first episode is a lesson in humanity. Sheriff Deputy Carl wakes  up in a hospital with a gunshot wound and has no idea what is going on. He quickly learns that there’s  no one around but hasn’t got an idea of why. He stumbles around town in his hospital gown until he gets knocked out by a kid.

So here’s the thing – there are living dead people.  And we don’t know.. we don’t know if they are conscious of their pain or there feelings.  In Season One/Episode One (S1/E1), there are a couple of walkers who have feeling in their eyes.  In one shot, Carl finds a house with a father and son.  Carl gets freshened up and gets the skinny on what is going down. A car alarm goes off outside the house and there, at the door, is the boy’s mother.  The father sends the boy away; he knows what he has to do.  He doesn’t like it.  But he knows.

If you haven’t gotten caught up on Season One go here.

So S1E1 got myself and my boyfriend in a conversation.  Could I kill someone who was suffering?  Not just anyone though.  Could I kill him (my BF) if he possessed sores and entrails hanging out as he tried to eat my flesh?

Um, yes.  I mean, there are rare times when selfish is okay.  When someone I love is moaning along with bits of flesh hanging off their face, the whole “I’ll feel awful” does not apply.

Season 2/Episode 1 (Actually Season One Part 2)

Well, the best part about the season premier was the show closed with a great song by Clutch called “The Regulator.”  As a huge heavy metal fan, that just cinched it for me.  Two new characters came to town Sunday night: Dave and Tony.  These two clowns hail from Philly in the show. They absolutely gave off a “do not trust us” vibe which made me kind of sad being a Philly native.  But it’s all cool.

Rick tried to tell them to go away nicely, but they weren’t having it.  I mean, could you feel bad for them?  I did for a moment, until the one guy started talking. After he opened his mouth with his slick talk, I could feel the “Philly talk” (bull poo) vibe and wanted him gone.

So there were two lines in the show Sunday night I want to discuss.  

1. THERE IS NO HOPE.  Is this ever true?  And if there really ever is NO hope – what do you do? Do you keep living?  And in doing that, does that imply that there is still hope? I mean, the guy was sitting at the bar feeling sad (understandable with no working plumbing and zombies around every corner) but just in sitting there talking about it, there is hope, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

2. DEATH IS DEATH. Hmm.. this is deep, eh?  It reminded me of DeNiro’s line in The Deer Hunter when he holds the bullet up and says, “this is this.”  That’s all it is.  It’s not fancy.  There is no deeper meaning.  It is what it is and it ain’t nothing else.  There is no magic.  It is just death.  So if death IS death – what exactly is it?

Thanks for joining me for The Walking Dead Chow Down… see you next week for more Zombie Stuff to pick apart (eewwwww).  P.S.  If you like fun, creepy off the wall stuff – check out my friend Catie Rhodes’ blog *Full-Tilt Backwoods Boogie*. I guarantee you’ll love it!


  1. I love the crackling warmth of a fire. That said, in the past 5 or so years, I have developed an allergy to certain odors. Fire smoke, unfortunately, now gives me a thumper of a headache. So, even though we have a real fireplace, we don’t use it. The redneck fireplace would probably be nice. 😀

    As for The Walking Dead, I agree with a previous commenter. The dead are just there. The show is really about the survivors. From the very first episode, I noted that Rick had a deep respect for life and for the people around him. This is a big part of the conflict between Rick and Shane. Shane might have been a good cop, but deep down he doesn’t respect (or really care for) other people. He’ll just as quickly throw them under the bus–or to the zombies–if that suits his needs. I predict this conflict will eventually implode and cause the splintering of the survivors group.

    Great post. 😀

    • Catie – a redneck fireplace is the way to go if you can’t have a real one. I love it! I agree about Shane.. I mean, he threw that other guy under the “Zombie bus” when they were running in the city. He is selfish. I am wondering if these guys from Philly are going to be a “hard time” for Shane.
      Thanks for dropping by, Catie.. looking forward to Sunday night! 😀

  2. There is a parody somewhere in which the zombies call us “fleshies.” A fleshy boy and mummified girl fall in love; of course, due to discrimination and prejudice neither family is for the union. It’s actually quite funny.

  3. Just in case you have readers reading this that haven’t watched any of the episodes or read the books: SPOILERS! Just a warning.
    I watched all the episodes over again to prepare for the season 2 part 2 opener. After the long story arch of the first part I was hoping that it would deliver some new character development. I liked how Daryl changed over the first half, but I wanted something more. I think the ending of this episode delivered some new character development. Mostly: Grimes is a badass.
    I think their hope is gone at the moment. All they know is if they die they become a walker. It’s a bit selfish, but that is why they are fighting to live, or at least some of them are. Some of the characters have something like hope: Glenn has Maggie and he’ll fight for that. Rick has Lori and Carl, and the one on the way, and vice versa. Andrea, Shane, T-Dawg, and Carol have nothing. Daryl, I think, wants to prove himself to everyone. Dale has fought for Andrea, and I think he will continue to do so. But that doesn’t mean any of them actually have hope of a better life, you know?

    • I totally get what your saying. And that was what I was getting at. Like, there is no hope. No hope for a better life. But they haven’t given up. Giving up would mean pulling the trigger on themselves.
      I definitely am sick of Lori and her whining, though I don’t want her to go anywhere. I’d just like her to stop playing so much of a victim. I wonder what’s going to happen with the car?
      Hmm, can’t say too much more.
      I don’t think at this point they are hoping for a better life, but I think they are hoping for something.. Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

  4. Hubby and I have been seriously thinking about getting one of those fireplaces. LOL

    I’m not really a fan of zombies, but my husband and son really like this show.

    • With The Walking Dead (Both TV and Comic series) the dead are just there. It isn’t so much about the zombies, it’s about the survivors. The zombies are the constant antagonist, they give you the fear of uncertainty, feeling of not being safe. Some of the living are more dangerous than the dead, and the ending of “Nebraska” emphasized that what we thought was safe, whom we thought was safe, isn’t.

    • Lauralynn – I love my hickville fireplace! It heats a small area in the apartment when the rest of the apartment doesn’t need the heat. 🙂


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