Talk About It Tuesday – WTF Moments Coming At You

Welcome to Talk About It Tuesday.  Last week we discussed Beached Dolphins and a Burger Thief.  Dolphins were hopping out of the water and beaching themselves while a guy in Wisconsin decided he would walk into a burger joint and have a burger his way.  Literally.

This week is more of a “WTF” rather than a “that’s so crazy” segment.  Just when you think, wow, the human race has utilized every notion of stupidity and lameness; here comes the news to teach you a lesson about stupid humans.  The alarming thing is the sincerity in their rationale.

Take the “Black Madam” arrested in Philadelphia (I am seriously thinking about changing the city where I turned into the nutcase you all love) at a “pumping party.” No, not pumps as in shoes or pumps as in “pumping up the jams.” She was arrested for allegedly administering butt injections.  Gosh, how desperate is a person to go to a seedy butt-pumping party.  Has our country become so vain that the stakes are high while the common sense is non-existent?  To what lengths would you go to get that all over “snazzy pizzazzy” look?

Apparently, there are dumb asses in other countries besides the U.S.A.  And you thought Americans were special.  In France, a Frenchman (who is remaining anonymous) is suing Google.  Well, you know how Google has that Google Street Map view and you can type in your address (or the address of your ex-boyfriend, cat’s former owner, etc) and look at the house?  Well, (I am not laughing while I type this.  Ok, I am.) a Frenchman is suing Google for making him a laughing-stock because Google snapped a picture of him urinating in his own front yard. I have questions, as I am sure the court will.  Questions like: Do you not have a bathroom? Is that why your tomatoes are so robust? What the hell is wrong with you, man?

Finally, we move to the government and the tobacco industry.  There were these nasty pictures of rotting teeth and soupy gums on cigarette packs floating around a while back in an effort to deter smoking.  A U.S. judge ruled in favor of the tobacco companies on the grounds that the labels “violate free speech rights.”  Plain English:  the labels deter sales of their own product which is legal for sale in the U.S.  I think that it would make people who bought cigarettes feel like dweebs.

Smoker: “Yes, I see the picture of the bleeding gums, rotting teeth and black lungs.  Can I have another pack of menthol, please?”

Cashier: “That will be eight dollars, Mr. Self Inflicted Sadist.”

So there cannot be factual pictures on cigarette packs to deter smoking, but airbrushed pictures of women everywhere to promote eating disorders and poor body image is acceptable.  That is a major WTF moment right there.  Here is the deal with the smoking.  People KNOW they are bad.  I knew they were bad.  Honestly… disgusting pictures on the pack would have embarrassed me at the register as I purchased the “death sticks” but I would have bought them anyway.  Kinda like the guy that eats Cap’n Crunch even though it makes his gums bleed… he’ll stop buying when he’s had enough.   Ok, yeah, that was me with the cereal.

Which story blows your mind the most today?  Do you think nasty pictures would hinder tobacco sales?  Have you ever thought about butt injections? Thanks for stopping by for another segment of Talk About It Tuesday. 😀


  1. What kind of dumbass takes a pee in his front yard and then calls MORE attention to it by suing? That’s one for the Darwin awards for sure.

    • I read the article three times because I couldn’t believe it. Now I hope to hell the guy doesn’t win the lawsuit! Sometimes judges are tools. Great to see you, Jenny.

  2. I’m not sure if I’m more disgusted or intrigued by these stories. I’d say thanks for sharing, but… oh, who am I kidding? Thanks for sharing!

  3. WAHAHAHA!! Hubby told me about the guy suing google for capturing him taking a pee in his yard. Like what morons does THAT?! And butt pumping…seriously?!?! I am not sure who is more insane – the person giving the injections or the morons who lined up to get them. Lord. There is no accounting for idiots, is there. RIOT!! LOL!!

    • lol – Natalie.. I don’t know if you ever watched the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but there is a “here’s your sign” skit about dumbasses… I think we need to start handing them out!
      Always great to see you here!

  4. There’s no accounting for people. It’s why life is so fascinating!

  5. There was a woman in a town not too far from me who was arrested for illegal breast augmentations. She was a salon owner. She injected them with an unknown drug that is putting the victims in the hospital. I know it costs a lot for breast enlargements, but threatening your own life for a cheaper set of bigger breasts seems ridiculous. Like, did they go get their hair done and say, “I sure would like bigger breast.” And the owner say, “You know, I got some drugs in the back. We could take care of that after your weave.” “Yes please.”
    Personally, I would much rather pay the extra for a controlled, safer setting. Sure I could die on the operating table, or my body could reject the implant, but the sterile environment seems so much more appealing than a house converted into a salon and some drug the woman had.


  1. […] the nitty-gritty on all the fruitious loopious people in the world.  Last week we chatted about Black Madams and Tobacco.  Yep. If you’re looking to get your butt pumped up to give it that […]

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