And ROWing Right Along… ROW80 Update

Ah, good old ROW80… I have been keeping up on some goals while others found a piece of driftwood and floated out of my reach. I am loving all the blogs I have been reading.  I am not one hundred percent sure if my blog reading/commenting is a problem or not.  I really think I just love to read other blogs and comment on them. Is that so wrong? Is it?! I didn’t think so.

I reprinted my manuscript with half the edits I made.  It was a difficult decision, but the other manuscript (print version) was so befuddled that I had a difficult time concentrating on it.  So out of disgust and confusion I would stare at until I became cross-eyed and then throw it on the floor.  Yeah, not going to become a big time author that way.  So I started from my personal version of scratch.

In new news, I restarted my Parenting Blog.  I had this idea last year that with the homecoming of my sixteen year old daughter (after being estranged for five years), I would keep a log of how things went and do a daily journal of sorts. Well, things did not go according to plan (do they ever?) and I let it hop on that piece of driftwood.

The other day after getting into it with my teenage dream I was very frustrated and decided to hash it out on my Parent Life blog.  If you are interested or know someone who might be, you can find it by clicking The Parent Life. Like I said, it is kind of new and I only have one follower on the blog.  Maybe some other mommies or want to be mommies might want to swing by.  Or, if you are looking for a deterrent on parenting, it could behoove you as well. 😉

Revamped ROW80 goals are as follows:

  • Read/comment blogs – I am doing at least ten a day.  Not too shabby.
  • Triberr – was going strong for a while.  I stop by at least once a day.
  • Facebook – I am on there way too much (damn that Words With Friends!).
  • Twitter – I do a lot of my tweets through Triberr, so I am not on there as much as before.  Aim for once a day.
  • Health/wellness – I am officially back to the gym! Squee!!  I am digging it and already have visions of me being bikini model ready by June.
  • MANUSCRIPT – Will dedicate thirty minutes or ten pages a day editing (which ever comes first).

So that is it for now.  How are your goals coming along?  Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress.. 🙂 Check out fellow ROWer progress or link your own here!

Happy ROWing!


  1. I can’t edit on screen myself. I print everything off to make changes. Looking at the screen makes me go blank for some reason. Good job getting back to gym. Exercise always good. Keep on envisioning that bikini. 🙂

  2. I am not rowing along quite as swiftly. For some reason this full-time job stuff is a time suck, but I’m trying. ((hugs))

  3. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I share that love of reading and commenting. I regret only that I don’t have more time for the same!

    My goals have totally gone by the wayside in this last week of sickness. I’ll get back on track when I’m back to breathing easily. And sleeping. (Oh, sleeping, how I miss thee!)

  4. Great week, Darlene! I like your goal reavamp and squee for being back in the gym. I dart into Triberr about once a day too. Not sure if I need to hop in more or change the time though. Sometimes I catch blogs that are posted later in the day a day late.

    • Hey Barbara! 🙂 Great to see you… I try to hop on around 6-7 pm…. There are many posts to approve and share at that time.. If there are way too many.. I do the ones with the fewest thumbs up and delete the rest.

  5. hey not a parent so can’t offer advice – only support – have joined your other blog – tis a hard thing to reconnect any relationship so best of luck there –

    I need a hard copy always but i do initial spell/overused words et on the screen (to save on paper!) then print out – looks so different on the page

    all the best for this week

  6. Sounds like everything is right on track for you. I so gotta make an effort to check Triberr once a day. Thanks for the idea/reminder.

  7. Hey, great set of goals and it is excellent that you are making progress on all of the frontiers… keep up the great blogging… and I must admit I’ve fallen behind on the commenting on blogs.. which is a shame as I too love commenting on peoples blog posts 😀

  8. I can’t edit on screen very well – must print out! There is so much more I see on paper. I make the big picture changes first, then print out again and re-read for flow and voice, then re-edit. Here’s hoping your printouts help!

    Looks like you’re doing well with your other goals, too. One of the great things about ROW80 is we can change our goals any time we see that some aren’t working. Keep up the good work and have a great week!

  9. Hey Darlene! You are doing great! And thank you so much for noticing me on the ROW facebook page and dropping on by to encourage me. That was so kind and welcoming to me! I really appreciated it! It looks like your doing great with your goals Darlene and I do hope that you have a wonderful week! 🙂 See ya soon!

  10. Great week Darlene and good for you for starting at it from scratch. You’ll get there – just stick with it! You are knocking your goals out of the park – woot woot! Luv it. Here’s to finishing up super strong…

  11. I have not goals, just following the flow of synchronicity and see where it takes me.

  12. Your awesome. Starting over or going back to try again shows great courage and strength of character. Glad to meet you here at Row80. Good luck this week.

  13. I always print out a copy to read, because seeing the words in different format helps tremendously. Great job this week, and I hope things continue to go well for you.

  14. I always print out hard copies to edit. For me, it makes a huge difference to see the words in a different form. And great job on the new blog. Hope things continue to go well with you.

  15. I’m thinking of printing mine out. Editing on screen isn’t bad, you get to make changes straight away and without lots of distracting strikethroughs or arrows everywhere. But I’d like to see it printed and I just know seeing it in a new format will show up many glaring errors I might not see otherwise.

    Good for you for seeing where you are, and where you want to be – but more importantly how to get there. Re the mommy blog – I’m not a mommy blogger (childless and about to hop on the IVF roadshow for the third time – Kids are not a happy topic around these parts). Or around your perhaps right now 😦 Hope you’re both able to ‘grow out’ of this and move forward. Teenagers can be hard work (I worked with kids with challenging behaviours) – phew! Right now I have been invaded by the in-laws – I think that’s worse 😦

    Good luck for the week ahead, Darlene 🙂

    • I am sorry for bringing up kid stuff… I feel like a total ass right now. 😦
      Good luck with your in-laws and remember it is YOUR house.. yours. Don’t be bullied!
      Best of luck to you with the IVF… I hope things go the way you would like them to.. 🙂
      I am rooting for you in all aspects (writing too!).
      Enjoy the rest of your day.

  16. Congratulations on being brave enough to start again from scratch; that takes courage but you came through!


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