ROW 80! Let the Goal Mastering Begin!

I was not going to sign up for this round of ROW80 Madness.  I have a lot of stuff going on.  We are in the nitty gritty of tax season; I am signed up for Script Frenzy; I am signed up for the A – Z Challenge and a lot more goals to coincide with all of that.

But then I thought… ROW80 helps me to manage goals.  It also makes me responsible and culpable should I slack.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for this round:

  1. Write three – four pages a day on script for Script Frenzy.
  2. Write up blog posts for A -Z Challenge.  Try to stay four posts ahead of the game.
  3. Continue to update parenting a teenager blog.
  4. Continue Talk About It Tuesday posts.
  5. Continue Friday Flash Fiction posts.
  6. Find another link-up for flash fiction posts. is closing down :(.
  7. Keep up on fitness.
  8. Edit WIP.

So that’s it.  WOW!  I hope to heck I can pull this off. I didn’t even add my social media goals because I am pretty religious with them.  I check Triberr one to two times a day and share all the posts until there are none left to approve.  To which, I just went to Triberr (which was fine) and now it is all new fangled and weird.  Why do people never leave well enough alone?

I have faith that my fellow ROWers are up to the task of ROWing this round and am looking forward to visiting the blogs!

Happy ROWing! 😀


  1. showard76 says:

    Another great set of goals, I’ve found a new prompt blog for my flash fiction which I’ve used for this Friday’s piece! I’m on Triberr too and also got kerfuffled when they changed it, can I join your Tribe too? 🙂 Good luck with the round!

  2. Great goals! And wow – you’re busy. I wanted to do the A_Z again (loved it last year) but with book tours and what not it would be impossible to ensure the post were A-Z specific. Re Storydam – I know 😦 Sad! However, I believe a new posse of ladies are taking over (I would have joined them but couldn’t commit at this stage). So you should be okay for Fridays : ) X

  3. LOL, I hear you on Triberr. At least we can edit the post titles today which we couldn’t yesterday! That is quite the busy April you have there! Yet it looks like you have a pretty good handle on your goals. Wishing you all the best on all your challenges 🙂

    • Hi Raelyn…. thanks! I think it’s great we can edit the posts.. but now I can’t share them so it leaves me thinking.. what is the point?

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. That’s one of the things I loved about doing ROW80–the fact that it helped me stay on top of my goals. Good luck this round! That A-Z challenge sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

  5. Joanna Aislinn says:

    Sounds awesome, Darlene. Put your mind to it, stay organized and watch it fall into place. Desire is a strong driver.

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