A – Z Challenge ~ N is for Newcomer

Welcome - Keep Coming Back

Newcomer – In the Twelve Step Programs of the world it stands for that person who walks through the door of a support meeting for the first time (or in the first months of their sobriety) and really has no idea what to expect. I was a newcomer once.  We’ve all been a newcomer in one way or another in one situation or another.

The newcomer is so important.  Of course, they don’t realize this.  Their naivety and fear helps us that have been in the program a while just as much as the program will help them.

Some slogans to remember as newcomer:

  • It works if you work it.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep coming back.
  • One day at a time.
  • Easy does it.

I will celebrate six years of sobriety on May 26th of this year.  I got to tell you… I was scared that first year.  I was scared of a sober life.  How would I have fun?  What would I drink when I went out to restaurant?

And the biggest question of all:  How would I deal with life?

Fortunately, I met good, sober people and realized (for me) that my newcomer status was a good thing and that even though I was getting help, I was helping others.

I am no longer a newcomer, but the newcomer now helps me just by letting me help them.

Question of the day: Can you recall an experience as a newcomer in any aspect of your life?  How did you react?


  1. Congrats Darlene. I’m like Jenny; I just ask lots of questions.

  2. What a wonderfully moving post, Darlene! I’m a newcomer all the time – I just smile and ask questions. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming birthday!

  4. D – I do admire you for your ability to write so factually about this. You sound like you have this well in hand.

  5. mimitabby says:

    ah, recovery!! my husband is in his 28th year. Congratulations on your six. I hate being a newcomer too. I tried to join two groups in the last few months and failed at both!!

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  6. Great post, and a great reminder to us all. It can be hard to be the newcomer to things, and it’s nice to be reminded how being new can add to the involvement of the more experienced folks!

    • Doree – – the newcomer teaches us so much and brings us back to the core. I believe that in anything.. sobriety, writing – – that is how it is for me.. thanks for stopping by!

  7. ugh. ick. being a newcomer at a job. all the people to get to know, new procedures, people in charge. i’ve done that about 6 times during my career, and i’ve hated it every time.


  1. […] a newcomer does not want to hear about alcohol or the trysts of a member (no one does really) so the message […]

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