ROW 80 – Back On The RowSkeeDiddle

I’m Baaaaaack!!  (screamed like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in the beginning of “Back in the Saddle” – go listen, it’s awesome)

I took a week off due to brain cramp over load.  Over the last six days, I didn’t do anything except journal, do a lot of walking and reflect on my life.  I fell short one hundred words on my 750 word a day challenge, which devastated me.  I totally thought I wrote 750 words that day. I kept true to my word and donated twenty dollars to

I will rejoin the challenge in June.  This Merry Month of May I have to get my arse moving on editing my novel and keeping up with my blog.

I found a new gym to go to – close to my work – so I will begin working out again.

Here are my goals for the week:

  • journal every day.
  • read/comment up to five blogs a day.
  • give manuscript a solid read through – make changes.
  • continue to get at least twenty-five minutes of cardio in a day.
  • challenge my self internally by doing something that scares me.

That’s my ROW80 list.  How is everyone else doing? It’s great to be back!



  1. Sounds like a healthy list. If you do something you are scared of often enough, you won’t have anything to be scared of 😉

  2. Brain overload…hmm, perhaps what’s going on with my muse situation. Excellent goals for the upcoming week and I wish you all the best with them!

  3. I’m totally submerged in edit angst right now and wish it was finished. Not the best feeling to have while trying to improve something. But it’s gotta be done. Glad you’re back, but I’m not surprised you needed a week off! You totally rocked those challenges 🙂

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