Seven Years Sober Today… Wow.

English: Foggy sunrise in San Francisco and Bu...

English: Foggy sunrise in San Francisco and Buteo jamaicensis with a mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yep.. I almost had to pinch myself this morning.  I am seven years clean and sober today by the Grace of God and the amazing people he continues to bless me with.   Today (and for the last three days) are days that I feel so great inside… inside.  Someone commented on my Facebook status that I should be proud.  I AM PROUD! 🙂  Holy hell, if you would have known me seven years ago you would have went screaming into the sun, moon, stars… whatever.  The point is, I was an ugly person.. not because of my physical appearance (although this day seven years ago I wasn’t looking too hot) but because of the person I was inside.

I took so many hostages, lied to so many people and used anyone and anything to get what I needed.  It was all about me and fuck everyone else.  Even after my first couple weeks not picking up a drink or a drug, I was still like that.  Getting sober for me was about more than just putting down a substance. It was about learning a new way to live.

Thanks to God, my program and the amazing people who God has put in my life I am living a new way; an easier, softer way which in essence, is hard, gratifying work.


  1. Seven years – what an accomplishment. I know the road to recovery from personal experience and fought it long and hard with multiple addictions of my own. Each step has paid ten-million times over. God bless you for your courage and let’s keep going. I discovered your blog by way of David Walker nominating you for the WordPress Family Award.

  2. Congratulations, Darlene. And with the grace of God, may you all your years to come be filled with His joy.

  3. So glad you invited me to join your Triberr tribe, Darlene. I never use Triberr any more, but I wouldn’t know you if you hadn’t done that. And congrats on seven years.

  4. You are wonderful Darlene and long may you continue to be so!

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