Day 2 – Pretending


Attraction (Photo credit: Scott.Paterson)

“One of the best ways to uncover some of those long-hidden wants is to pretend.”

Yes!  This is a fancy way of saying, “Fake it until you make it.”  And why shouldn’t we?  A few years back I read “The Secret” which is all about the Law of Attraction.

Whatever your predominant thoughts are, you best believe that stuff is going to happen. Don’t believe me?  Have you ever driven to work (running late of course) and all that is on your mind is awful traffic along with foxhole prayers for no red lights?  And what happens?  Red lights and crazy traffic. UGH.

Yeah, I’ve been there, too!

Sometimes I envision great things for myself.  No, I still haven’t woken up looking like Julia Roberts, but I have noticed that when I pretend things are going to turn out awesome, they almost always do.

Sometimes I pretend that I am a bigtime writer for Rolling Stone magazine.  While that hasn’t happened yet, I am now writing about music for three websites.  Am I getting paid? Nope!  But I have my eye on the prize and I am loving what I am doing.

Have you ever tried positive thinking?  How did it work out for you?


  1. This is what my husband thinks when I talk about dreaming big and thinking positive. He feels I am creating unrealistic expectations, and that I will be sad when they don’t come true. Contrary to his belief, when they don’t come true, I still find something to be happy about.

    I love the LoA and The Secret, btw. And I love finding more people that believe in the power of thought to create reality! Nice to meet you via the challenge – I’m following your blog now.

    • Connie – thank you so much for following my blog… I am grateful for that! That is awesome you still find happiness even when there isn’t much to be happy about.. Take care! I’ll see you around Blog Town.

  2. I don’t think we should try to fool ourselves necessarily, but I do think a positive attitude is very important. And an expectation of good often brings good, or at least allows us to see more good than bad.

    • Hey David – A positive attitude is definitely important… for sure!! I always try to see the good.. especially when things are really bad. Have a blessed evening.

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