Day 3 – Worthiness

If you don't see your worth, you'll always cho...

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“The reality – the real reality – is that we are already worthy, there is no test to pass.”

That’s right.  Worthiness.  Self-worth. Feeling worthy. I battled with this demon for decades.  I battle a little less each day and am winning the war. Go me!

Worthiness was all in my mind.  I tied my self-worth to people, places and things for years (like a good alcoholic).  Even after I got sober, I still did this and could not figure out why I wasn’t feeling any different.  Then I started reading my Big Book and a ton of other books.

It clicked.

There is no test to pass!  No one is judging me.  Okay, maybe some people are (human nature), but you know what?  Who cares!  In the end I have to stand before me and my Higher Power and that is all I have to live with.  If I can get to the end of the day and go through my inventory and know that I did the best I could, recognize where I need improvement and give it to a God of my understanding, I have lived my life as intended.

Do you ever feel unworthy?  How do you leap that hurdle? 


  1. Gay Ingram says:

    It was only when I accepted the love God offered unconditionally and unrelenting, regardless of what I saw as my failings, that I was then able to see myself as worthy.Gay

    Check out my Author page – you seen the latest blog? to know more about me?

    Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 09:41:29 +0000 To:

  2. I love the little Mandy Hale quote at the top of your post. So true. I was very fortunate to have two parents who constantly reinforced my self-worth as I grew up, and as a consequence, I’ve never had a real problem with this. I’ve seen so many people through the years struggling with this, and I always hurt for them. I’m so glad you’ve come to a point where you can see the truth here. Go, Darlene!

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