ROW 80 Update – Keeping in Stride

Well.  I must say, I am really doing quite nicely!  I am keeping up with my final edits on my novel, maintaining meetings, and taking time for myself.  I am up to page 140 on my WIP.  I sent my work to two fellow bloggers, and when they get time, they are going to read my work. Yay!

Friday night my BF and I went on an actual date.  We had tons of fun and I, for the first time, tried “green tea frozen yogurt.” It was absolutely delicious.

I am back into my Friday Flash Fiction and you can check out my latest piece here. Honestly, I wrote it kind of last-minute and had a picture on hand from a real place!  That real place is where the story is surrounded.

Now, on with the goals!

  • continue edits on “Bound and Broken.” I should wrap it up in two weeks.
  • continue with Friday Flash Fiction.
  • continue to share fellow blogger posts 3x a week via Triberr.
  • maintain meeting attendance.
  • clean up my work space! (There are books, papers and colored pencils everywhere!)
  • Start on my Power Mandalas (hence, the colored pencils.)

That’s it for me!  I was on vacation for half the week and I really got some time to relax.  😀  How about you? What’s going on in your world?

Keep it simple!

ROW80 – Accountability

I honestly was not going to hop in on this round of ROW80.  I thought, “gah!  I’m too busy, I’m too tired, I’m too everything not to do this.”

But then I thought about it.  I am really just being too lazy.  I am the kind of person that, when I get in that dark slump of lazy selfishness, NEEDS someone (or something) to push me.

And then I thought about how hard I have worked up until this point.  I was writing/editing every day.  I was posting on my blog 2-3 times a week. I was commenting on other blogs (a lot!) and I was really involved in our little community.

Well, I need to get back there.  And I am getting back there starting today.

Here is my list of this round’s ROW80 Goals:

  • read through my manuscript one more time, looking for any inconsistencies or places where it is lame.
  • read/comment at least 3-5 blogs a day.
  • journal, journal journal.
  • share blog posts via Triberr.
  • Write a Flash Fiction piece each week to post on my blog for Friday.

That’s it for now.  The truth is, I have been so out of my mind the last few months… I really needed to get back into meetings and getting back in touch with people in the program, and I did just that.  It feels good to be back in the rooms and reaching out to others.

I wish everyone the very best on their ROW80 road this round!

ROW 80 Update – Keeping With The Beat

So I was successful in keeping with the editing process. So far there are two parts I highlighted and made notes on that basically it sucked and I had to go back and revise it when I was finished on my “seek & destroy” mission of editing all the unlikable parts of my WIP. I am up to page 104 of 188 and hope to be finished before the month is over.  I am off Monday, so a big chunk of time will go to this.

I went to a meeting Friday night and got my six-year coin.  😀  It was a proud moment.  It is an odd feeling not feeling right or comfortable in my own skin for most of my life and the first part of my sobriety.  But, as I shared Friday night, I realized, I am extremely comfortable in my own skin these days and really like who I am.

It is hard to explain to someone who doesn’t know what I mean.  I love me!  And not in that “look at me! look at me!” way. More like:  I am so comfortable with myself these days that I don’t have to pretend to be someone I am not to get people to like me.  I am being true to who I am and that is so important to propel forward in a positive way!

My Goals

  • Continue editing.  I am keeping with this goal.
  • Make meetings.  I made two AA meetings this week!
  • Triberr 2 – 3 times a week.  I did two this week.  I go down the whole page til I share all posts – it takes a while.
  • Comment on blogs.  I am not really doing this as much as I used to (I burned myself out).  But I am commenting on about ten – twenty blogs a week and try to comment on different ones.
  • Come up with a few ideas for my lagging “Flash Fiction Friday” posts. Truth is, I have had zero ideas wrapped in a blanket of nothing.

That’s what I got so far!  How are you coming along with your goals?

Take care and have an amazingly peaceful week!

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