The Walking Dead Chow Down

Thursday Segment – The Walking Dead Chow Down

I love Zombies.  I am not sure why, or when this sickening lust for the undead began, but it is palpable.  I love zombies so much that my second WIP is about Zombies. I am so excited about this project I can barely contain myself.  Since I pine for zombies and zombie culture in a most non-sexual way, it makes sense that I would be obsessed with The Walking Dead. When I heard this show was coming around I thought, “meh, zombie television.  Who needs it?” But the best part of the show is not the zombies chasing the humans, or the growling.

Don’t Do It!

As a writer, it is of course, the human element.  It is the character dynamic.  The protagonist, the non-zombie antagonist and everything in between.  I mean, yeah, the zombies are creepy – the way they appear out of no where – but the creepiest part for me is the dynamic between Rick, Duane, Dale and of course, Andrea.

I love Andrea.  She is totally the person I want to be when the shit hits the fan for the real zombie apocalypse (yeah, it’s coming).  Don’t believe me? Read World War Z and get a bit of info. Or, you could wait for the movie (to be released 12.21.12).

Back to Andrea.  She is not mushy or wishy-washy.  And she can strip a rifle faster that you can say “take cover.” She doesn’t get too emotional like Lori (who annoys me with her selfishness).  So far she hasn’t gotten attached to any men.

Shane is a drama queen (even though he is a dude).  I don’t like him and I think he will stir quite a ruckus this season.  When he shaved his head last season I was impressed with the showing of the character change. He killed someone and then shaved his head with a razor.  I felt astonishment during that scene.  I knew where the writers were going.  Shane was not a nice guy anymore.  The audience needed to know that without someone having a conversation with him about how “un-nice” he had become.

The zombies are really catalysts.  They invoke a primeval instinct in the humans; within the group and other humans they come in contact with. Fight or flight.  In this case, it is fight within the flight. The humans flee from zombies all the while fleeing from the parts of themselves they try to hide from the others.

I hope there are other “walking dead heads” out there who share my enthusiasm for the upcoming season!

Stay tuned each Thursday for The Walking Dead Chow Down.  I’ll be posting tidbits on the previous Sunday’s episode and peeling back the layers of the Who! What! Where! When! and Why!  Join in the discussion and fun. 😀


  1. Stan Faryna says:

    I’m looking forward to my next fix. Don’t know when I’ll get it, though. I’m overseas…

    I just read the book, Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. To be honest, I would have have rather seen it. In a book, I’m looking for beauty. Uplifting Insight or revelation – in other words.

    My GF thinks somethings wrong with me because I like to watch zombie shows and movies on occasion. Is she right? [grin]

  2. markrhunter says:

    I’m not a big fan of extreme graphic violence, but I’m back every week for The Walking Dead — it’s all about the characters.

  3. James Scott Bell started out with legal thrillers and has found his passion for zombies too! 🙂

    It seems to all be about zombies and vampires anymore! lol

  4. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I’m mostly caught up on the TV show (I think?), but it hasn’t captured my heart the way the graphic novels have. I read everything then released when I was pregnant with my son, which ended up being a huge mistake a couple of times . . . but an especially ginormous one when I turned one page and, BAM! My S.O. had warned me about one disturbing scene but failed to warn me of one about 4,054,282 times more disturbing.

    In all my years of reading comics, this was the first time I’ve had such a profound response to one.

    I’m having a hard time getting into the last trade pub released a few weeks back, but we’ll see.

    I was not, BTW, a zombie person (v., of course, being a zombie) until a few years ago. I’d always loved horror but thought zombies were the most ridiculous horror creature ever. Mostly I saw the shambling and people who really deserved zombie takedowns. Ba.D. tried to persuade me that the horror was in the survivors’ experience and asked that I read World War Z before coming back to him with my final verdict.

    Smart move on his part! 😉

    • Wow, Deborah – this is really interesting. I have never read a comic to be honest! I haven’t love zombie culture all my life. I think “I Am Legend” really changed things for me. When I was younger I did watch “Night of the Living Dead” and all, but I was more of a “King” horror fan then.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, 🙂

  5. I love zombies too, I saw my first Zombie movie when I was about 8 years old, before I even discovered vampires! If World War Z is coming out on the big screen soon I better cheat on my book ban and buy it (it is in my to buy list) so I can read it before I see the film! I love The walking Dead too, so glad it is finally returning from it’s mid-season break that felt like forever!! I agree Andrea is a great character, Daryl is my other favourite 😀

    • Sharon, thanks so much for commenting.. I agree! Daryl is a great character. I was so upset when they did the mid-season break… but it’s all okay now because Sunday is right around the corner!

  6. Afraid that Zombies don’t really do it for me. But vampires; oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first novel, entitled Blood Addiction (available on Amazon) is about vampires.

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